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Frankie Perez | 8/1/2019

We Are Back!! Frankie and The 4 F's are back with a fresh season with all new guests and episodes. We apologize about the break but we needed to revamp and get a ton of new material. Back with weekly podcasts that you can catch at www. TeamFrankiePerez.Com/Podcast , iTunes, Spotify and all of your podcast platforms. Thank you for the continued support and we would love to hear your feedback on our website, to hear more on what you guys like to listen to and what subjects you want us to hit.

Now, Episode 1 of season 2 we had a really cool and different guest on that was very open-minded about a lot of different things. Marisa Faye is the creator, developer and owner of Babe Glaze Tanning and also a 911 dispatcher. Talking about having a cool free-spirited woman who looks at life a lot different then most. We talked about dispatching life and how she started her business and being a female business owner. We also got on some different things on not putting to weight on your shoulders that doesn't need to be there. It's ok to be ok ....... See you next week! Stay Smiling, Stay Positive, Stay Happy


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Tan Mindfully! Marisa Risden talks about her vegan, organic, and cruelty-free Luxury Tanning Line - Babe Glaze. Created for all babes who are as passionate about what they put on their body as they are about what goes in it.

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